PLAY Calgary Logos

PLAY Calgary Visual Identity Guidelines

Purpose of Logo

The purpose of the PLAY Calgary logo is to provide a visual representation of collaborative efforts, sharing and connections amongst the many cross-sector members of the PLAY Calgary group. PLAY (Physical Literacy and You) strives to support, connect and engage Physical Literacy Champions in Calgary and area. When members of the PLAY Calgary group are working together by sharing knowledge, services, hosting events, etc. this logo can serve as a visual for celebrating the collaborative efforts.

Meaning of the Logo

The logo was designed by Leah Yardley, Coordinator of the Calgary Be Fit For Life Centre with key factors of the PLAY group in mind. These key factors include Collaboration & Partnerships and the strength in the Diversity and Inclusion across sectors that are represented in the PLAY Calgary group.

Guidelines for Use

Do: Use it! Use in accordance with your organizations brand standards and as you feel appropriate. If you are questioning the use of the logo please contact one of members listed below.

Don’t: Alter the image by squishing, stretching or changing the colors. Do not use the PLAY Calgary logo for resources, events or advertising that are not done as part of group efforts.

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